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Michele Bachmann Needs Help!

By Andrew Whitney, on Oct 2, 2012


New polls have Michele Bachmann leading her opponent by only 2 points! That is scary! Her opponent is a wealthy real estate developer that is using his own money to slander Bachmann all over the district. His pockets are so deep that voters are constantly being bombarded with distortions and mistruths about Bachmann. We must defend Bachmann!

We Support Allen West

By Andrew Whitney, on Sep 20, 2012

Allen West

Help Us Contact 300,000 Voters!

By Andrew Whitney, on Aug 22, 2012

Defend Paul Ryan

Tom Smith is What Conservatives Need in Washington

By Andrew Whitney, on Jul 22, 2012

tom smithTom Smith is not a career politician.  He is a proven job creator with a track record of business success.  Tom understands the difficulty of making payroll each month and he has personally dealt with the burdensome regulations created by bureaucrats in Washington.  That is why he is running for U.S.

Sarah Palin and Patriots for Economic Freedom Support Deb Fischer

By Andrew Whitney, on Jul 22, 2012

PalinFischerSarah Palin and Patriots for Economic Freedom support Deb Fischer for many good reasons.  Unlike her opponent, she is committed to downsizing government and restoring prosperity in America.

Help Get Richard Mourdock Over The Finish Line!

By Andrew Whitney, on Jul 22, 2012

MourdockState Treasurer Richard Mourdock has already shocked the political establishment by defeating liberal RINO Republican Dick Lugar earlier this year.   The results of the primary election sent a clear message that Indiana residents were fed up with Lugar's tax and spend policies and want change.

Josh Mandel - Conservative Patriot Fighting for America

By Andrew Whitney, on Jul 22, 2012

Josh MandelThe battle for U.S. in Ohio is heating up and the contrast between conservative Josh Mandel and liberal incumbent Sherrod Brown is huge.  Mandel has served his country in Iraq as a Marine and has a strong principled constitutionalist record in the state legislature and as State Treasurer.