Andrew Whitney, Co-Founder & Chief Strategist

Andrew Whitney is a conservative activist and concerned American. Andrew has worked on dozens of local campaigns for the state legislature in addition to campaigns for Congress and President. Always a political outsider striving to make the Republican party represent true conservatism, Andrew has even initiated a recall against a liberal Republican lawmaker for supporting a tax increase.

An organizer of countless rallies and demonstrations against government waste and corruption, Andrew strongly believes in engaging ordinary Americans and grassroots activists in the political process. Over the last several years, he has donated his time to tea party groups and conservative organizations that share his values. Due to his experience, his advice is widely sought in the realms of political strategy and communications.

Most recently, Andrew founded Patriots for Economic Freedom to defend conservative principles. He believes that Patriots for Economic Freedom fills a void in the conservative and limited government movements. For too long, citizens have not had a voice to elect fiscal conservatives and hold elected officials accountable. Andrew plans to change that.

Teresa Prior, Co-Founder & Treasurer

Teresa Prior is a parent and nurse. As a mother of two boys, Teresa knew she could not sit idle and watch while Washington politicians destroyed her children's future. Previously not involved in the political process, Teresa became enraged by the bailouts of 2008 and ObamaCare. Since then, Teresa has dedicated her life to restoring prosperity in America.

Teresa's background in medicine has driven her fight against ObamaCare. She has witnessed first hand how government regulations drive up the cost of care while bringing down the quality. As an expert on the issue, Teresa has spoken to countless citizens about the need for real free market health care reform.

Her involvement in Patriot for Economic Freedom is solely dedicated to ensuring that future Americans have the same opportunities that she grew up with. She wants to stop the out of control spending, high taxes and burdensome regulations that threaten the future of America.