Campaign To Defeat Al Franken

By Andrew Whitney, on Jan 5, 2013

Campaign To Defeat Al Franken Header

Dear Patriot,

The midterm elections are heating up and the battle to take back the Senate has already started.  Radical liberals like Al Franken are already raising money from Hollywood liberals and left-wing billionaires like George Soros.  Franken is one of Obama's most dependable votes and the Democrat establishment used election fraud to place him in the Senate in 2008. 

We cannot allow another voter fraud incident similar to the Allen West debacle!  We must defeat Al Franken by a wide margin so big government liberals cannot steal the election again.  Franken has repeatedly voted for radical legislation like ObamaCare and debt ceiling increases while opposing the Keystone pipeline, a balanced budget amendment, and a extension to the Bush tax cuts.  Al Franken must go!

Patriots For Economic Freedom is launching a fund to defeat Al Franken.  This is going to be an expensive battle and we need contributions for voter outreach, TV. advertisements, direct mail and more.  Defeating Al Franken will not only help take back the Senate for conservatives, it will also send a shocking message to the liberal establishment.  Please donate today!

Franken Voting Record

Franken is a liberal activist and that is the last thing America needs.  At the end of his liberal entertainment career, he said, “The next thing I am doing is moving back home to Minnesota and getting involved in politics, ... I'm looking at a run for Senate in 2008, but in the meantime I am focused on knitting together the progressive network in the upper Midwest.”  Franken is an admitted progressive that is working against America's constitutional principles!

He has even criticized Christians by saying, “The point is that there is tremendous hypocrisy among the Christian right. And I think that Christian voters should start looking at global warming and extreme poverty as a religious issue that speaks to the culture of life.”  Franken supports a massive welfare state and the radical environmentalist agenda.  He is way out of the mainstream!

Please help Patriots For Economic freedom remove Al Franken from the U.S. Senate.  America cannot afford six more years of his extreme liberalism.  Franken's support of higher taxes and unbalanced budgets threatens America's future generations.  We need your support to reach out to voters, air advertising and send mail to ensure that Franken is defeated!


Gadsen Flag


America is at a tipping point.  With deficits over a trillion dollars and a national debt of over 16 trillion, the future of the country is in danger.  It is more important than ever that conservatives work to restore prosperity in America.  Only by changing the players in Washington can we change the course of our country.

We can still restore America.  With spending cuts and changes to the welfare state, America can still be the "Shining city on a hill" that Ronald Reagan once talked about.  As patriots, we have a duty to defend our country.  Please join the battle and donate today!

In Liberty,

Andrew Whitney
Chief Strategist
Patriots For Economic Freedom

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I am not really into politics, but fraud is a pretty serious issue. This is not the country I want to live in and it is something to think about, even more, to do something about it! 

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All political leader are become pattriot before election.  Their face change after election. They forget thier owon people. Start cheating.  That is why, I hate politics. 



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