Special Election Date To Be Set!

By Andrew Whitney, on Jan 28, 2013

The first battle of the election cycle is getting started. The Massachusetts Secretary of State announced that later this week he will set a date to hold the special election for John Kerry's vacant Senate seat. Early media reports suggest that the primary will be held on April 30th and the general election will be held on June 5th. We only have a few months to mobilize support for our conservative candidate!

The radical leftist Congressman Ed Markey has already stated that he is running and more candidates will announce in the next few weeks. Markey has voted for nearly every big government bill imaginable including ObamaCare, debt ceiling increases, bailouts and Obama stimulus spending. America cannot afford him! 

Patriots For Economic Freedom is determined to support the conservative candidate in the election but we must prepare early. Special elections have low turnout and are a test of organization. We plan to win this election by airing advertising, reaching out to voters, sending mail and organizing the grassroots but we need your support. Please donate today!


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Unlike a normal election, this contest only allows us a short time to get our message out. Fortunately, that gives conservatives an advantage in a state like Massachusetts. Due to low voter turnout in special elections, we can win this battle simply by turning out conservative supporters.

A victory in this special election will give conservatives significant momentum as we head into the midterm elections. Starting off this cycle with an early win will put us even closer to taking back the Senate. With a Senate out of Harry Reid's control, we can stop the Obama agenda from even being considered!

Please help Patriots For Economic take back the U.S. Senate and win the Massachusetts U.S. Senate special election. We plan to support the conservative candidate by running a massive voter outreach campaign with advertising, mail and grassroots support. Winning this election will help conservatives stand against skyrocketing budgets, onerous regulations and high taxes. We need your support! Please donate today!


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Anything can happen in a special election. Even in a deep blue state like Massachusetts, conservatives can win special elections. In fact, in a 2010 Massachusetts special election, Scott Brown shocked the nation by beating the Democrat. That victory set the stage for sweeping conservative victories.

Getting off on a good start with a victory in this special election will make a big difference. We plan to shock the political establishment again by defeating Democrats on their own turf. Despite what the pundits tell you, our side is more dedicated and efficient at turning out for special elections.  Let's win this election together. Please donate today!

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Starting off this cycle with an early win will put us even closer to taking back the Senate.

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Unlike a normal election, this contest only allows us a short time to get our message out. Fortunately, that gives conservatives an advantage in a state like Massachusetts. Due to low voter turnout in special elections, we can win this battle simply by turning out conservative supporters.

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